Fellows Testimonials

Mariana Flores

Durante mi último trimestre de la carrera de medicina tuve la oportunidad de rotar con el Dr. Marco Romeo y su equipo. La experiencia fue increíblemente gratificante ya que estuvo llena de aprendizaje tanto académico como práctico.

En la rotación asistí y ayudé en las cirugías del Dr. Romeo, donde me empapé de conocimientos sobre diferentes técnicas quirúrgicas que se realizan en cirugía plástica. El Doctor lleva a cabo muchas diferentes intervenciones, por lo cual la rotación te da una buena noción de todas las ramas de cirugía plástica. El ambiente es muy académico y eso permite que en cada cirugía aprendas algo nuevo pese a ya haber visto esa intervención anteriormente.

Para complementar el aprendizaje dentro de quirófano pude acompañar al equipo en la clínica, viendo el manejo del paciente desde la primera consulta hasta las curaciones postoperatorias y las revisiones del progreso quirúrgico a largo plazo. Esto me pareció excelente ya que la rotación te permite conocer al paciente desde antes de entrar a quirófano y darle un seguimiento a su progreso después de la cirugía. Aprendes sobre pasos imprescindibles durante una consulta de cirugía plástica y el correcto abordaje del paciente. Sin mencionar que los conocimientos en la clínica no se limitaron únicamente a temas médicos si no que también el equipo te enseña cómo se debe gestionar una clínica de cirugía plástica en ámbitos como ventas, manejo de redes sociales, formación de un equipo de trabajo integral, etc.

La rotación sin duda fue muy fructífera para mí. El conocimiento aprendido lo implementaré durante toda mi vida profesional. Estoy muy agradecida con el Dr. Romeo y su equipo que además de compartir su conocimiento como profesionales en la salud, también te hacen sentir como en casa y bienvenido dentro de su equipo que es como una familia. Jamás olvidaré esta gratificante experiencia que recomiendo ampliamente.

Dra. Mariana Flores 
Médica egresada del Tecnológico de Monterrey, México

Irina Lucaciel and Sebastian Potra

As part of an Erasmus traineeship program a colleague and me have spent 2 months in the private  plastic surgery clinic of dr Marco Romeo during the summer. This program was a unique experience for us because it gave us the chance to learn from a true professional in an international environment. We have not only had the chance to be 2nd and 3rd hand together with him in his surgeries that ranged from rhinoplasties to abdominoplasties, brest augumentation, blepharoplasty and many more, but we have also attended pre- and postoperatively discussions with the patients. We valued the fact that he took the time to explain to us the theoretical part of the medical procedures, but he also gave us insights on how to interact with different types of patients and on the values one should have in his or her medical career. For us this summer was very valuable, because in the years we spent at the university so far we didn’t have the opportunity to observe so closely the entire evolution of a patient, as in college we always participate in bigger groups of students to the clinical rotations and the experience was not as personal. Dr Romeo showed us how important it is to explain throughly to patients the procedures they will go through and to take the time to make sure they understand the risks and benefits. We also appreciate that dr Romeo showed us what means to be very passionate about what you are doing and how important patience is. Moreover, he showed us that medicine is all about teamwork and that having professional collagues at the private office and in the surgery room is the key to successful results. In conclusion, dr Romeo gave us a great opportunity to see a different medical system, which is a great asset in our future medical careers.

Let us know if it is ok with you!

Irina Lucaciel

Barbara Maisto

Daniele Messina

Hola a todos!! My name is Daniele Messina and I’m a Resident at the end of my third year of specialization in plastic reconstructive and aesthetics surgery at Messina’s University.
I had the special opportunity to visit Dr. Marco Romeo and follow him in his really nice clinic in the suggestive quarter of Salamanca in Madrid and also to perform surgery at his side.

I can say that Dr. Romeo is a really top player in performing aesthetic surgery.
Thanks his experience on face surgery he is very good in one of most requested and most difficult surgery in aesthetic: nose surgery!

He is actually a complete surgeon because during the days I’ve been at his side I could participate at almost every kind of aesthetic surgery like mastopexis, tummytuck, liposculpture, etcera and I saw him resolving every kind of problems his patients asked him to resolve with his meticolousness that is proper to a microsurgeon like him.

Overall I was really impressed by his personality and how much he is capable to build empaty and trust with patients to understand their purposes and to guide them to the goal.

I cannot avoid to spend a word on his staff that always give their support with professionalism and with wonderful smiles.

It was a short but very intense experience to me and I really learned much more than I could expect.

I will begin my fourth residency year and I will have my abroad experience soon and I think that have a longer experience with Dr. Romeo would be very constructive and I hope that It will be as soon as possible!!!!!

Ahmed Zubaidi

I had the honor and the opportunity to do fellowship with Dr. Marco and it was one of the best decisions I ever made although it wasn’t for long time but every day i was learning something new from him in plastic surgery field, i was amazed by the way that he treats his patients and how humble he is with them, if i had the chance I will do another training with him without thinking.

Ahmed Zubaidi